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Our eighty-seventh show!

Ep. 87, Live from Paleo f(x)

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah, Stacy and EVEN Matt host a podcast recording from Paleo f(x), sharing on their favorite vendors and new products, and are joined by many guests from the paleo community for some casual (insanely entertaining) banter. Who can you expect to hear from? Mickey, Alex, Diane, Russ, Tony, and Stefani.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 87, Live from Paleo f(x)

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
  • 16:27 - Outro
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Our eighty-sixth show!

Ep. 86, Chris Kresser

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy are joined by Chris Kresser to chat about some of the main topics from his book, The Paleo Code. The three also reflect on the paleo community as a whole, and how the science and hot topics have evolved over time.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 86, Chris Kresser

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome Chris Kresser!
    • The gang caught up and Sarah shared on how her hormone balancing and adrenal fatigue protocol are coming along
    • If you don't know who Chris is, he runs the site ChrisKresser.com, previously The Healthy Skeptic, and he has been coined as one of the original paleo godfathers
    • He is known for bringing awareness to nutrient density and some of the Weston A. Price principles
    • Over time, and as the subject was emphasized in his New York Times Best Selling Book The Paleo Code, Chris has become known for educating the masses on how to customize their paleo diet to support their individual health history and goals
    • Chris can also be found through his podcast, Revolution Health Radio
    • Stacy recently successfully reintroduced eggs and is thrilled over this progress
    • Sarah talked more about her trial and error with food introductions and Chris shared his thoughts on her findings
    • (15:45) The Paleo Code
      • Elimination dieting and how it evolves as your health evolves
      • The exciting change in the hot topics in the paleo community - anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense foods
      • Evolution and how it has impacted the diversity within a paleo template
      • What foods are not going to work for majority of people - tolerating vs. thriving on
      • Properly preparing legumes and non-gluten containing grains
      • Stacy's feelings towards the way that Rob and Chris have evolved their opinions as research evolves
      • The importance of lifestyle choices
    • A huge thank you to Chris for joining this week's show!
  • 58:13 - Outro
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Our eighty-fifth show!

Ep. 85, Book Releases and Health Strategies

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy chat about their soon to be released books, The Paleo Approach Cookbook (8/14) and Real Life Paleo (11/14), and what fans can expect from these new books. The hosts also share on where their health is at, especially given all that they have been doing as of late, and what they are doing to impact their overall wellness goals.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 85, Book Releases and Health Strategies

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Real Life Paleo is officially public and will be in folks hands November 2014

      • This is definitely more than a cookbook, it is 368 pages in size
      • It will be broken down into sections and assumes that folks have already made the decision to go paleo, but need some guidance on what that actually means
      • All the things that people love about 3 Phase Paleo will be expanded on, complete with tear out guides
      • The book will also show people how to assemble meals, and specifically how to replace staples from their non-paleo days
      • Check out the announcement and sneak peeks here - please be sure to share your feedback and speak up about what you want covered in this book
      • There are 200 recipes in the outline currently, but they will likely cut it down to 175
      • Amy is knocking the photos out of park and the book looks absolutely gorgeous
      • Sarah notes that this is so much more than a cookbook, it is a resource book
      • A week or two after this podcast airs, the Paleo Parents will allow folks to get involved with the recipe testing process, which will be a random selection process
    • The Paleo Approach Cookbook is due this week to the publisher and will be officially out in August
      • Sarah has been nose to the grindstone the past couple of weeks to get this book done
      • Late last week Sarah hit the point where she began to really like the form the cookbook was taking
      • Sarah reflected on the production of The Paleo Approach and why she decided to separate the cookbook from the scientific literature that is provided in The Paleo Approach
      • There will be a summary of the rules from The Paleo Approach, but there is none of the detailed science, and it is very practical and how-to
      • It will make for a great companion book, but will also help those who are overwhelmed by the science
      • The Paleo Approach is the why and the cookbook is the how
      • There are loads of offal recipes and will offer more than any other paleo cookbook
      • There will also be a lot of basic recipes in there - in total there will roughly be 175
      • This is truly its own book and not just the recipes that go with The Paleo Approach
      • There are details on where to get food, how to do it on a budget, how to store food, basic cooking techniques
      • There are also expanded food lists from The Paleo Approach
      • Stacy points out that the recipe list, dishes that have been turned into AIP friendly creations, are impressive, especially the desserts
      • Sarah feels that eating variety is key in healing and that has been built into the array of recipes
      • Everything from comfort foods to ethnic dishes will be found in this book - and there are quick creations all the way to gourmet recipes featured
    • Be sure to pre-order these books so that you not only get the lowest price possible, but also are guaranteed a copy from the first print batch
  • 22:42 - Science with Sarah
    • In recent months Stacy found out that her mom has selective IGA deficiency, which is why her celiac disease hit her so hard
    • Stacy reached out to Sarah wanting to learn more about it, if she might have it and why broth makes her feel so good
    • There are five different antibodies cells that the human body makes and each have slightly different roles
    • Sarah covered the five antibodies in greater detail
    • They all play a very critical part in our resistance to infections because they are such an important part of the gut immune system
    • Having a deficiency in IGA antibodies is not a good thing, there are two types of symptoms linked with this - susceptibility to infections and having an autoimmune disease
    • The selective details means that you are only deficient in IGA and not the other antibodies
    • Autoimmune disease requires a genetic predisposition, it is typically a collection of genes that somehow influence proteins that are part of the immune system
    • We are just starting to understand how all these different gene mutations impact your risk of autoimmune disease, and selective IGA deficiency is one of them - it doesn't mean that Stacy's body isn't making any IGA, it just means it is harder for her body to
    • Sarah talked about all the things that Stacy can manage and impact in a positive way to influence the gene mutation
    • Sarah went on to explain why broth impacts Stacy the way it does
    • Stacy is feeling 90% better from her dehydration and vertigo, but it could take up to two months for her body to adjust on the vertigo front and once you get it the first time it is easy to get it again
    • Stacy is finding that mineral water is impacting her in a very positive way
  • 43:07 - A Bit on Sarah's Health
    • Sarah has had a difficult time with her health since last August and has seen her weight slowly creeping up despite how she had prioritized activity, sleep quality and quantity, a dialed in diet, and a modified sugar detox
    • Out of curiosity Sarah began tracking her nutrient intake, and things looked great
    • She was doing everything she knew how to do and realized it was time to get help, so she found a local integrative medicine practitioner
    • The doctor ran a full panel of tests and Sarah found out that she has full blown adrenal fatigue, and some deficiencies in sex hormones
    • You have to be tested by a specialist to identify if these are medical situations that you are dealing with
    • Sarah talked about her treatment regimen and what choices her and her doctor are making together
    • While you can go tremendously far with diet and lifestyle changes, there are times when an expert is required
  • Don't forget to pre-order Real Life Paleo and The Paleo Approach Cookbook!
  • 58:28 - Outro
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Our eighty-fourth show!

Ep. 84, Arsy and the Champion

It is one very exciting week on The Paleo View where Stacy reflects on her experience of training for, dominating, and winning her Strongman Competition - her first ever athletic event in her life! Our hosts also get down to the business of food and are joined by Arsy of Rubies & Radishes as she helps answer reader questions on meal prep, a replacement for coconut in recipes and the dreaded gel-less broth.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 84, Arsy and the Champion

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Holy smokes massive congratulations Stacy for winning first place at the Strongman Competition
    • Stacy has been in a state of shock since the end of the competition and it has been a good reflection period for her to think about who all helped her along her path
    • Stacy shared a bit more about the competition - read the full recap here
    • Welcome back Arsy from Rubies & Radishes!
    • Listen to her first appearance on The Paleo View , episode 33, Breastfeeding and First Foods
    • Arsy is back to chat with us about cooking - she released The Paleo Slow Cooker last year and just recently released The Paleo Foodie, check out her book tour information here
    • Stacy further reflected on her competition and specifically what it meant for her to not only receive Matt's endless love and support, but to see his pride and feel that love and support during the competition
    • (39:04) The Paleo Foodie Cookbook
      • Sarah is so excited to see Arsy's grilled liver recipe in the book
      • Stacy, Sarah and Arsy chatted for a bit about Arsy's recipes
  • 42:40 - Science with Sarah: Branch Chain Amino Acids
    • Amino acids are molecules that form the basic building blocks of protein
    • The proteins that make up our body are built from 20 amino acids, 9 are considered essential and 11 are considered non essential
    • However, all 20 are essential to life - 9 are essential in the sense that they have to come in through our diet, the other 11 we can make from the 9 if we need to
    • Sarah covered branch chain amino acids and what results one can see when they supplement with BCAA, but notes that one should be cautious when supplementing with BCAA
  • 51:15 - Questions & Answers
    • (54:06) Christina - how to best prepare food for the week to avoid bad choices when things get busy?

      • Use your slow cooker
      • Check out Arsy's e-book, the recipes in there take very little time to prep
      • Arsy use to do chicken in the slow cooker with salsa for her work week meals when she had a hectic commute schedule
      • Another favorite of Arsy's is beef, coconut milk and curry paste in the slow cooker
      • You can also make a quick stir fry, salad or side of roasted vegetables to serve alongside some meat
      • Stacy suggested rotisserie chicken, bagged salads and high quality already prepped foods
      • Double the recipes you are preparing and freeze the extras
      • Have a couple of high quality restaurants that you can rely on for the days when you don't have time to cook
      • Be sure to also keep smart snack foods around so that you don't get overly hungry and make poor choices
    • (1:02:45) Katie - if my broth never gets gelatinous, is it still nutrient dense?
      • Arsy notes that yes it does still have a lot of nutrients to it, but to try ox tail to get it to gel
      • Sarah notes that any cut of meat that has a lot of connective tissue to it will make your broth gel
      • Stacy notes that a lot of people don't cook their bones long enough
        • Be sure to at minimum cook for three days in a slow cooker, two days in a regular pot, and twelve or more hours in a pressure cooker
      • When your bones are soft, your broth is done
      • Add the vegetables in during the last four to six hours
    • (1:08:07) Viola - what are substitutes for coconut?
      • Paleo means meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats
      • Coconut is one kind of healthy fat, there are many alternatives to coconut
      • If you are not allergic to nuts you could do almond milk instead of coconut milk, lard or tallow instead of coconut oil
      • Additional replacements were discussed based on the kind of recipes where coconut would be used
  • Don't forget to check out Arsy's site and both of her books - The Paleo Slow Cooker and the recently released The Paleo Foodie
  • Paleo Parents fourth cookbook will be announced next week! However, feel free to check out a preview of Real Life Paleo on Amazon
    • The book is about how to transition to paleo and how to ease yourself into the lifestyle
    • There will be over 150 recipes in it
    • The recommendations will follow a three phase approach
  • 1:20:19 - Outro
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Our eighty-third show!

Ep. 83, Liz Wolfe

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by Liz Wolfe, also known as Real Food Liz, author of The Skintervention Guide and Eat the Yolks, co-host of the Balanced Bites podcast, and goat enthusiast. Liz is also known for her simple approach to nutrient-dense eating and sharing her wisdom on the subject with the masses.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 83

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Yay! This week we are joined by the witty and beautiful Liz Wolfe from Real Food Liz!
    • Check out Liz's previous appearances on the Paleo View here and here
    • Liz released The Skintervention Guide (more info here) at the beginning of 2013 and most recently released the incredible book Eat the Yolks (see the Paleo Parents review here)
    • You can also find Liz on the Balanced Bites podcast
    • Stacy and Liz first met when they went and saw a screening of Farmageddon together
    • Some time later Stacy and Liz met up again at a Balanced Bites seminar, and from there Liz's path within the paleo community has boomed - she has become the nutrient seeker guru that many look up to
    • Liz definitely feels like she has come into her own and found her voice and confidence
    • Sarah notes that by being true to herself and her beliefs, Liz was able to write a very progressive book that perfectly captured where our science discussion points should be within the paleo community today
    • Another huge passion of Liz's is centered on sustainability and self-sufficiency - Liz and her husband moved out to a farm, purchased animals, and are taking control of where their food comes from - you can see lots of antics from the farm on her Instagram feed
    • Liz shared her philosophy on calories versus nutrient density
    • Sarah, Stacy and Liz chatted about cricket flour, and products and ingredients that use cricket flour
    • Fish head consumption was also covered
    • Sarah notes that her food reward system now fires off from nutrient dense foods and how exciting it feels to hit that point in her relationship with food - every signal before was misinterpreted for hunger
    • Stacy points out that when clips were pulled for the one year anniversary show it was funny to hear how far their tolerance/enjoyment of the hardcore nutrient dense foods had evolved (i.e. liver, sardines)
    • Stacy talked about nutrient density and the most easily digested forms of protein (check out this episode of The Paleo View for more information on this subject), specifically the role that gelatin plays in the diet post workouts and an interesting article that Stupid Easy Paleo posted on the subject
    • Sarah shared about her post-workout smoothies and what nutrients she is using for recovery
    • Stacy shared her love for pork rinds post workout
    • (50:28) Liz's Elevator Pitch
      • Sarah shared Liz's 'nutrition in 100 words' from Eat the Yolks
      • Eat the Yolks is about unlearning all the crap that we have been taught about food - it is not a recipe book or a hard look at the science, it is about the history of nutrition and all the BS that happened to make us afraid of real food
    • Stacy, Sarah and Liz talked about their work within the community, time management, and top areas of interest
    • Sarah's consulting company recently launched!
      • The wait list is first come first serve, so be sure to sign up if you are interested
    • Stacy is in the final stage of Stongman prep, which will take place this weekend (3/22) - SEND STACY YOUR LOVE ON SATURDAY!
    • Thank you so much to Liz for joining this week's show and for all that you are doing for the community!
    • Be sure to check out the Eat the Yolks preview for more information on her latest book release
  • 1:12:34 - Outro
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Our eighty-second show!

Ep. 82, Autistic Spectrum Disorder

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by Kelly, The Spunky Coconut, to hear about her experience with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Kelly reflects on how diet and lifestyle impacted her daughter Ashely's ASD, and helps Stacy and Sarah address related reader questions.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 82, Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome everyone!
    • And welcome to this week's guest Kelly from The Spunky Coconut - Stacy learned about Kelly at the very beginning of her paleo journey and her site was one of the main two sites that Matt and Stacy used as they were evolving into the paleo lifestyle
    • Kelly has written multiple cookbooks, Stacy's favorite is her Dairy Free Ice Cream cookbook and that is one of the first cookbooks that featured recipes with gelatin (this book is out of print until later this year when an expanded version will be released through Victory Belt)
    • In 2013 Kelly released The Chocolate Lover's Cookbook - read The Paleo Parents review of that cookbook here
    • More on Kelly
      • The Spunky Coconut began in 2008 and was created so she could show how her family was eating gluten-free and dairy-free
      • The site evolved as they took away grains from their diet, not knowing about the paleo movement
      • As Kelly found out about paleo they removed the few items that weren't paleo
      • Her recipes are known for very low amounts of sugar
      • The Spunky Coconut site just got a facelift to be a little more user friendly
    • From Sarah & Stacy's weekend of book signing fun
      • Sarah flipped a 350 pound tire three times while training with Stacy, she also did a 300 pound farmer's carry
      • The book signings were a lot of fun - Russ, The Domestic Man, hosted Stacy and Sarah on Saturday night and they had a wonderful evening, he even made recipes from The Ancestral Table
      • On Sunday they all went up to Philadelphia for another book signing and fell in love with the restaurant Pure Fare
      • The fans who showed up for the two book signings were awesome - thank you to all who came out!
    • Kelly recently did some book signings, road-tripping from Southern California to Seattle and her entire family had an amazing experience - meeting the readers and seeing their well-loved books was very rewarding
    • On this week's show Kelly will be chatting with Stacy and Sarah about her experience with autistic spectrum disorder and how diet and lifestyle have impacted her daughter's specific case
  • 26:45 - Science with Sarah
    • One of the most common questions that Sarah gets is whether or not autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) is an autoimmune disease - and the answer is that there is some intriguing research that there may be a link, but we don't really know right now for certain if it is an autoimmune disease
    • There is a strong association between kids with ASD and a mother who has celiac disease or rheumatoid arthritis, and there is a very strong link between ASD and any family history of type 1 diabetes - these associations are why people think ASD may be an autoimmune condition
    • When Kelly's daughter Ashley was a young toddler she had severe autism symptoms and severe sensory processing disorders - the situation was bad, and the minute they put Ashley on a gluten and casein free diet most of the symptoms vanished over night
    • They took Ashley to a doctor in Pennsylvania to get additional help, and when they did a blood test she was tested for MTHFR and they found an enzyme mutation that showed that Ashley wasn't properly detoxifying
    • Since then they have struggled to help her detoxify and to understand how best to assemble her diet to support her body and her development
    • Through additional testing they found out that Ashley's lead and mercury levels were so toxic that it was a surprise that she could communicate at all - they then did their first round of DMSA and handled the process as gently as they could and the results after three months of treatment were impressively shocking
    • After that point they began supplementing Ashely's diet with glutathione, but at first didn't get a response and returned to DMSA, but experienced a regression so went back to the supplements, doubled up on those, and within a week she returned to her previous progress point
    • At that point they switched to OSR (no longer available) and that worked well
    • Since Ashely has gone completely grain-free she has responded to glutathione in such a significant way and they are seeing her body detoxify
    • Sarah shared her thoughts on why the removal of grains from Ashely's diet impacted her body's response to the glutathione
    • Sarah also shared information on why ASD is labeled as a spectrum disorder, and why there have been varied results on how autistic children are impacted by a gluten-free and casein-free diet
  • 52:29 - Questions & Answers
    • Edson - do you think any of the really restrictive diets would help our son's autistic disorder? He is very resistant to trying them.

      • Kelly notes that from personal experience, Ashley's symptoms were reduced when gluten, casein and grains were removed
      • Test an elimination dieting process to see if your son reacts negatively to any individual items, like nuts, seeds, etc.
      • Sarah recommends adopting a paleo diet and focusing on nutrient dense foods
    • (1:00:57) Julie - tried putting her twin daughters on a gluten-free diet, but things got stressful and they stopped. However, they want to go gluten and ceasin-free. What should they do, specifically how to remove dairy?
      • Kelly suggests getting Three Phase Paleo
      • Kelly also recommends that you check out her many dairy replacement recipes (yogurt, yogurt drink, frozen yogurt, cheese) on her site
      • Stacy shared her feedback on concerns regarding nutrient needs not being met when dairy is removed - the reality is that you can get way more nutrients from super foods like liver
      • Stacy also recommends checking out the many dairy-free recipes available on the Paleo Parents site
      • Instead of thinking about how to replace foods with items that look and taste like what it is you are removing, look at how to replace the nutrient profile of the food you are removing
    • (1:09:10) Jennifer - does paleo address the yeast overgrowth that so many autistic kids deal with?
      • Yes, Kelly did see positive results from a paleo diet
      • Sarah confirms that yes it is very good because paleo naturally supports a healthy balance of gut bacteria - some may have to dabble in additional dietary modifications to drive results and propel gut healing
      • Kelly's daughter Ashley has been able to stay yeast free through a paleo diet
      • Sarah explained additional information on what feeds overgrowth
    • Thank you so much Kelly for coming on and for sharing your story and recommendations that will greatly help others!
    • Don't forget to check out Kelly's site and her amazing recipes and books
    • Thank you to all who have left iTunes reviews - they are amazing! If you haven't left one do so here!
  • 1:21:09 - Outro

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Our eighty-first show!

Ep. 81, The Assistants Behind Paleo Parents and Paleo Mom

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by their assistants, Katy and Tamar, to chat about their experiences supporting the work of the Paleo Parents and The Paleo Mom. Katy and Tamar answer reader questions and share some behind the scenes details about their roles.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 81, The Assistants Behind Paleo Parents and Paleo Mom

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome everyone!
    • Stacy is in preparation for another ice and snow storm, while Sarah has been enjoying a stretch of warm weather and gardening
    • In this week's show Katy, the Lead Assistant for the Paleo Parents, and Tamar, an Assistant for The Paleo Mom are on the show to share some behind the scenes insight
    • Stacy and Sarah both shared a bit on their relationships with Katy and Tamar
    • Katy
      • Landed her role with the Paleo Parents through Instagram and shared her love for pork during the launch of Beyond Bacon
      • Stacy and Katy got to meet at an event this past summer and at that time Katy gained a bit more exposure into the paleo community
      • She had been working in a restaurant, and had been for awhile, but wasn't finding joy from her career
      • Working for the Paleo Parents has allowed her to combine her culinary degree and passion for food and writing
    • Tamar
      • Sarah and Tamar had belonged to the same gym and were e-introduced through a mutual friend
      • When Tamar had a Chron's flair she reached out to Sarah for dietary advice while in the hospital
      • A little bit later they finally met in person and got their kids together and became good friends
      • She originally supported Sarah through some projects with The Paleo Approach, and that eventually evolved into an Assistant position
    • Stacy talked about The Arnold event and what the women competed in
    • Sarah did her first ever kettlebell class and loved it - made her feel strong and fit
    • Sarah is flying into DC this next weekend and will be joining Stacy for a Stongman class - join them both for two book signing events in DC and Philadelphia!
  • 21:00 - On to the Assistants
    • The thing that surprised Katy most when she started working for the Paleo Parents was the size of the inbox - she learned how to manage the stress of the email volume
    • Katy strives to say yes to everything that Stacy and Matt ask of her and she has found that she is learning a lot and growing personally from the position
    • Tamar has been surprised by the growth she has witnessed and experienced with Sarah as The Paleo Mom has expanded and it has been very rewarding
    • Tamar also emphasized the amount of work that goes into running sites of this size
    • Video Tamar and Sarah posted over the weekend - shows a lot about the dynamic between Tamar and Sarah
    • (29:20) Kasi - how does Tamar's breakfast compare to Sarah's?
      • Tamar's breakfast is very tame compared to Sarah's
      • It typically is a smoothie with some kind of protein
      • Whereas Sarah is likely having organ meat, kraut and vegetables
    • (30:33) @PaleointheMiddle - where did Katy attend cooking school and did that make a difference with her transition into paleo?
      • Katy went to cooking school in Atlanta at Le Cordon Bleu
      • It made a difference for her transition to paleo because she learned many cooking basics that helped her learn to cook paleo and to work with real food
    • (33:23) Lindsay - do you (Tamar) get to sample all the stuff that Sarah makes?
      • No, if she happens to be at Sarah's house when she is making something she gets to test the recipes, but that is not a norm occurrence
    • (34:43) Courtney - what are the three cooking tools that Katy couldn't live without?
    • Tamar and Katy shared about the perks of the jobs and their love for Steve's Paleo Goods
    • (39:49) Megan - What does a typical workday look like?
      • Tamar's older two kids are in school and her youngest is in preschool, so the drop-off and pick-up schedule impact a lot
      • Tamar works wherever she needs to based on her schedule and she squeezes it in when she can, but finds herself working late at night many days
      • Katy works primarily during the day and receives the bulk of her assignments from Stacy at night - she will help with posts, manage Facebook, oversee the Gmail account, and respond to folk's questions, and she really enjoys the opportunity to help people
      • The cyber bullies get old for Katy
    • (47:27) Courtney - what are Katy's braising tips?
      • Katy shared her tips for her braising process and what flavorings she adds depending on what she is going for
      • Check her guest post on the Paleo Parents for her Mediterranean Braised Pot Roast
    • (50:00) Erin - if you were invited to an autoimmune potluck, what would you bring?
      • Since Tamar doesn't cook, she would bring cut fruit
      • Katy would bring a braised meat dish
    • (52:15) Sybal - are ya'll related?
      • No, Sarah and Tamar are not related
    • Tamar thanked everyone for the comments on the video and for being nice and loving through the Paleo Mom site
    • Katy shared her appreciation for her work and her thoughts on Stacy's cryptic messages and how to read them
    • Thank you all for listening and for sharing your questions and support!
  • 1:00:58 - Outro
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Our eightieth show!

Ep. 80, Stefani Ruper

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by Stefani Ruper of Paleo for Women, author of PCOS Unlocked and her soon to be released Sexy By Nature. Stacy, Sarah and Stefani chat about hormone management, discuss her new book, and answer listeners questions.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 80, Stefani Ruper

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome back Stefani Ruper!
    • Sarah had her first book signing recently and is on cloud nine from all of the excitement - a great huge thank you to all who were able to attend
    • Stacy and Sarah will be at two book signings together very soon - details here
    • Check out Stefani's previous appearances on The Paleo View here, here and here
    • Stefani is releasing another book in March called Sexy By Nature - in this book women's specific health needs are addressed, and how to fully love and take care of yourself is a major theme
    • You can also find her at Paleo for Women
    • She was originally known in the community for debunking the myth that everyone could benefit from intermittent fasting and a low-carb lifestyles
  • 16:25 - Science with Sarah & Stefani, Sex Hormone Imbalances
    • What are the signs that a woman should look for to determine if her estrogen or progesterone are out of balance?
      • Stefani notes that you should also look at a couple of other factors to identify possible imbalances
      • The biggest red flag to look for is reproductive health, do you menstruate? Are your periods regular? Heavy? Light?
      • Having a low libido is a sign
      • Not sleeping through the night or falling asleep poorly is often a sign of low estrogen
      • High anxiety is often a sign of high progesterone
      • Being depressed is often related to hormone imbalance, and also has to do with the health of your hormone receptors
      • If you have trouble gaining or losing weight that is a warning sign
      • Acne is a huge sign
      • Sarah discussed how hormone imbalances impact autoimmune conditions
    • Does the estrogen and progesterone in birth control influence hormone dominance later after a women has stopped taking the pill?
      • Yes - Stefani discusses the why behind this and how long it can take to gain balance again
    • If a woman is suspecting that they have an imbalance how can they test for it?
      • Blood work - but you need to base it on your cycle, so loop your doctor in on that aspect
      • You will want to test estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEAS, cortisol, prolactin, vitamin D
    • What are the most important things to do to regulate sex hormones?
      • First, be sure to check out Sexy By Nature
      • Think about what your body wants and naturally craves and do your best to meet those needs
      • You will want to cut the gut irritants and work on healing that
      • You will also need to work on your stress levels and get those under control
      • Eat from a paleo template, get enough fat, get enough vitamin D, DHA, EPA, and chill out
      • Learn about your body, educate yourself on what the problem is so that you can develop strategies to heal it
      • For Stacy, she personally worked on learning to find the joy in everything, which helped her balance out her stress factors
      • Stacy, Sarah and Stefani chatted further about stress management
  • 48:25 - Questions & Answers
    • Corey - can the autoimmune protocol help with endometriosis?
      • Often when women are experiencing troubles with a paleo diet, Stefani wonders if a women is over-eating protein
      • The research that Sarah has done shows that endometriosis has a very strong link to autoimmune and a nutrient dense diet, high-quality sleep, stress management, getting natural sunlight, and moderate exercise will all help
      • Stefani feels that something fishy may be going on with her estrogen and she may want to focus on liver health
      • Magnesium and omega 3 fats go a long way with reducing cramps
      • One of the best things you can eat for liver health is liver
    • (1:01:21) Jennifer - can a paleo diet help with cycle regulation and fertility?
      • Yes, avoiding gut irritating foods will help your gut, reduce inflammation, and heal your liver
      • Stefani feels that Jennifer is experiencing post birth control issues
      • Moving beyond an 80/20 diet template will absolutely help - do not cut carbohydrates
      • Getting a full hormone panel done would be very helpful so that you can pinpoint the problem more specifically
      • It wouldn't hurt to get the opinion of an MD
    • (1:09:45) Nina - how do I manage bleeding in between periods?
      • Try to not do paleo too hard, stay on your weight-loss regimen, but don't force it so that your body reads it as a stressor
      • Don't cut fat or carbohydrates too much
      • Get some tests done so you can fully explore what the problems may be
  • Stefani's final thoughts to listeners - give yourself all that love and nourishment, have patience and pick up a copy of Sexy By Nature, there will be lots of giveaways on her site as well
  • Don't forget to leave reviews in iTunes
  • If you found the Paleo View through RadioIO let us know
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  • Thank you again to Stefani for coming on the show!
  • 1:20:03 - Outro

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Our seventy-ninth show!

Ep. 79, Dr. Wahls

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by Dr. Wahls to learn more about the Wahls Protocol, and tap into Dr. her expertise to address a number of questions.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 79

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Stacy is fighting some kind of bug - she plans to work the broth and kombucha
    • Welcome Dr. Wahls to the show!
    • Sarah first discovered Dr. Wahls through her TEDxIowaCity, and that talk had so much impact on Sarah's personal life and served as her launching point into the autoimmune protocol
    • In March Dr. Wahls is releasing a book called The Wahls Protocol
    • Sarah greatly appreciates the way that Dr. Wahls personal story is weaved throughout the book to provide practical situations to the recommendations being made - it makes the book very personable and approachable
    • Dr. Wahls has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and took it upon herself to understand the medical research available to help inform her treatment decisions - at that time she adopted a nutrient density approach to supplements/eating and learned about functional medicine
    • She eventually redesigned her diet to minimize the supplements that she relied on for nutrients, and instead turned to food sources - this is when she experienced a drastic change in her health and she regained her physical abilities in time
    • She eventually went on to test her Wahls Protocol on other individuals to see how nutrition could impact various chronic diseases, and she now lectures around the world sharing her findings
    • Dr. Wahls shared on her first study and how it came to fruition - she also shared on subsequent studies and how they built off of the first test's results
    • Dr. Wahls is currently recruiting for a clinical trial - find more information on the eligibility requirements here
    • Questions & Answers
      • All of Dr. Wahls comments are educational nature and are not intended to cure, heal, diagnose, or treat any disease - only a patient's personal physician can treat them
      • (21:14) Melissa - beyond going gluten and dairy free and following a paleo diet, how do I heal and stop the progression of MS?
        • The research doesn't provide clear answers to this questions, but there are indicators regarding the length of time in which you have dealt with lesions to provide a few clues
        • You may want to refer to Grain Brain for some additional information
      • (25:04) Jennifer - does Dr. Wahls experience flairs and if so, how does she treat them?
        • She takes a prednisone and limits sensory stimulation until it passes
        • She has learned to avoid soups and sauces when eating out, and if she is accidentally exposed to something it will likely hit within forty-eight hours
        • Some of her patients experience more immediate reactions
      • (29:24) Jennifer - do you see any similarities between MS and autism? Would the Wahls protocol be helpful for an autistic kid?
        • At the cellular level all these diaereses are tied together because of the oxidative stress, excessive inflammation, and high toxic load and cortisol levels
        • Putting people on the Wahls protocol addresses all of these issues, and symptoms steadily improve
        • When you fix all of these issues at the ground level brain and psychological issues improve, your general medical issues are addressed, and it has tremendous impact on all the autoimmune disorders
        • Sarah notes that there are many similarities between The Paleo Approach and The Wahls Protocol - Dr. Wahls approaches it from cellular health and Sarah approaches it from immune function and health
      • (34:11) Jolane - what should a patient tell his or her doctor to pay attention to the autoimmune protocol or The Wahls protocol so that diet is not disregarded during treatment?
        • Primary care doctors are going to be far more supportive of the connection between diet and treatment
        • Don't focus on what you are removing, but instead let them know what your diet will be comprised of and ask if anything needs to be monitored while you implement this diet
        • Check with them if there is any testing that should be utilized throughout the process
        • When you want to broach the subject of reducing your medications you need to first feel a million bucks better, and approach the conversation by discussing how you are feeling and asking if you can begin the discussion of tapering
      • (37:00) Nutrition for folks with MTHFR was addressed
      • (40:05) Jon - are you concerned about oxalates?
        • People with kidney stones, liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes will need to work closely with their physician and make modifications
        • For the heathy average individual you do not need to be concerned
      • (41:50) Michelle - a special thank you from an individual who has MS and was incredibly inspired by Dr. Wahls TED talk
    • How to maximize the nutrients from you food was discussed
    • Sarah held a party this past weekend to commemorate the release of The Paleo Approach and she shared about a surprise video that her assistant pulled together that was filled with messages from family, friends and colleagues
    • Don't forget to check our Dr. Wahls site and her book
    • Check for information on Sarah's book signing dates and locations here
    • Join Sarah, Stacy and Russ for a book signing in VA and PA - information here
    • Special thank you again to Dr. Wahs for joining this week's show!
  • 1:02:41 - Outro
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Our seventy-eighth show!

Ep. 78, The Domestic Man

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Russ, The Domestic Man, to chat about his recent release of The Ancestral Table. Russ also shares a bit on his experience that brought him to paleo, and what he discovered about a healthy balance of carbs through self experimentation.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 78

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome back to The Paleo View, Russ Crandall!
    • Russ is also known as The Domestic Man and just released his first cookbook, The Ancestral Table
    • Stacy notes that Russ has a flair for recreating traditional recipes, with special emphasis on international flavors
    • A bit more on Russ
      • At the age of 24 Russ had a stroke and lost all motor function on his left side - he had to redevelop the ability to use those muscles again
      • A year later he was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation of the arteries
      • He did five years of heavy immune suppressant therapy, and also had open heart surgery to try to address some of the issues from his autoimmune condition
      • Within a week of reading The Paleo Solution and adopting a paleo diet, Russ felt wonderful, almost back to normal, and since then he has been able to drop all but one of his medications
      • He has done a lot of self experimentation over the years to identify what works best for him, which is a traditional paleo diet with rice, potatoes, and the occasional serving of dairy
      • He tends to have carbs once a day, about 1/2 a pound, which keeps his energy levels balanced
    • Sarah shared a bit on how carb intake impacted her autoimmune condition and what she found through her research regarding the inclusion of starchy carbohydrates
    • Stacy has also had great success with increasing her carbohydrate intake; specifically in the evenings starch helps her cortisol levels
    • Stacy regulated her blood sugar through activity and found a way to eat carbohydrates to support her system properly
    • The Ancestral Table is a paleo plus rice cookbook, very similar to a perfect health template, and in the back a substitution guide is included to help you navigate how to substitute rice, white potatoes, dairy, etc.
    • Sarah was surprised by how easy it was to adapt the recipes in the cookbook to an autoimmune protocol
    • Stacy notes that if you liked Beyond Bacon you will love The Ancestral Table since both focus on traditions surrounding whole foods
    • Sarah feels that Russ's cooking is the international Julia Child, beyond the specialization in french cooking
    • Stacy has also been surprised to find how carbohydrates have helped her manage her sugar cravings
    • For Russ a healthy diet isn't one centered on healthy food alone, it is about sustainability - he hits all those reward centers with the foods that he eats so that he doesn't feel deprived
    • Sarah notes how stabilizing blood sugar throughout the day minimizes sugar cravings, and the role that carbs play on hormone regulation and thyroid function
    • It makes sense to Sarah that having a good balance of starchy carbs is helpful to hormone regulation since they are a slower burning fuel source than fruit or a paleo treat
    • Russ's favorite dish from the book to serve to guests is the Salt-Crusted Fish, which is so dead simple and fun to eat in a group
    • Stacy's boys love the write up that comes with each recipe that shares information on the source and influence
    • Russ's degree was in history, so his interest in history was added to the cookbook to make it more personal about why a recipe struck a cord with him
    • You can find sweet potato noodles on Amazon, you may also find them at Korean markets
    • Sarah, Stacy and Russ will be hitting the road together for some book signings - stay tuned for more details!
  • 1:00:16 - Outro

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