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Ep. 102: Teenagers

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Leslie Klenke to chat about establishing healthy habits with teenagers and to address teenage related questions from the listeners. 

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 102: Teenagers

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Stacy shared more on competing in the Commonwealth Games

      • Lifting cars
      • New location and gear
      • The events
      • Hopes for her next competition in August
      • Annual farm tour
      • Crossfit games
      • For more details on Stacy's weekend, check out Strongwoman Radio podcast (should be up in iTunes when this episode airs - check it out!)
    • Sarah recently worked on one rep maxes again and saw amazing PRs
      • Being a loud lifter
      • Working on jump rope skills
  • Science with Sarah (25:26)
    • How diet can affect the challenges that puberty bring

      • Few studies have been done to study the link between diet factors and hormonal changes
      • Link between puberty and insulin resistance
      • Insulin sensitivity begins to rise again at sixteen
      • The dramatic increase in growth hormones may be the starting point for all these changes
      • If you are overweight or underweight you may experience the impact of insulin resistance to a greater extent; but regardless of weight all teenagers experience these insulin shifts to some extent
      • Sarah covered insulin resistance and the impact it has on health
      • The paleo diet helps with insulin regulation and it would be interesting to see if/how it impacts teenagers due to their hormonal shifts
  • Questions and Answers (33:41)
    • Welcome this week's guest, Leslie Klenke, author of the recently released Paleo Girl

      • Be sure to check her out on Instagram
      • She has become the teenage expert in the community
      • Find Paleo Parents team member Sam's review of Leslie's book here
      • More on Leslie:
        • Was a yoyo dieter for most of her life
        • Used her teenage years as inspiration for the book
        • The book covers the pillars of the paleo diet, but also the importance of sun, sleep and play, puberty, motivation, eating disorders, peer pressure and success stories
    • Arlene (40:17) - how to help teenagers when eating out?
      • Bring a snack to share with everyone
      • Implement the 80/20 rule
      • If they are worried about feeling crummy from their 20, encourage them to be careful about overeating indulgences or adjust the dish by limiting the exposure to the offender
      • Stacy talked about the importance of healing your gut
      • Stacy also talked about how the same tactics that work with younger kids, choice empowerment, can be used with older children
      • Sarah shared on her kid's food sensitivities and the reality of intolerances
      • Leslie shared on the importance of developing healthy eating habits and educating your children
    • Beth (50:33) - how many eggs are too many eggs?
      • Yes it is important to get a variety of nutrients into your diet, but don't worry about kids eating eggs every day
      • Keep trying different things and keep bad food choices out of the house
      • Stacy shared more on protein aversions
      • Talk with your children and figure out what they like, bring them into the kitchen to help with the cooking process so they can discover what they like while being involved with the process
    • Rena (56:30) - Need snack and meal ideas for picky eaters
      • Stacy finds that her children are most satiated from quality fat
      • Leslie suggests veggies with dip, vegetables mixed into a smoothie or hidden in recipes
      • Sarah shared on her lunch packing process
      • Sarah shared additional suggestions on products and recipes
        • Check out TPV episode 1, 8, 12
      • Stacy shared her and Matt's tips on keeping food cold
      • Stacy also shared on the importance of thinking outside the box because your child's preferences are unique - create a positive space where your children can discover what they like eating and feel empowered to make their own choices that support their health
      • Stacy recommended Inka Crops Plantain Chips and One Stop Paleo Shop
      • For afternoon snack Sarah has her girls finish what was packed for lunch and then have them pick something else to round it out if they are still hungry
      • Leslie encourages some research online to find paleo-ized products
      • Stacy also shared on how perfect smoothies can be
  • Leslie's takeaways on how to get teenagers on board with a paleo lifestyle in a healthy and positive way:
    • Beyond nutrition and fitness, it is important to help your kids feel happy with who they are and to practice self-love
    • Establish open communication with your children
    • Help kids identify why they want to eat a certain way
  • Check out Leslie's site with all of her social media links and don't forget to check out Paleo Girl
  • Outro (1:19:06)

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Ep. 101: Paleo 101 Q&A

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah tackle paleo diet questions in follow up to the 100th Q&A episode.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 101: Paleo 101 Q&A

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Stacy recently recorded the first ever Strongwoman Radio podcast episode with her cohost Vivian - first episodes always feel a little awkward

      • It will take about two weeks for iTunes to approve and post it
      • Matt is working on the production of it now and they hope to share soon
      • It is explicit, so avoid listening to it around the kiddos
    • Matt is also working on editing Real Life Paleo now - Stacy shared more on how this editing process is different from Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon
    • Stacy and Sarah chatted about their usage of swear words
    • Stacy shared on airrosti treatment she has been receiving and the necessity of swearing when in pain
    • Stacy shared more on carb cycling
    • Sarah jumped on a 24" box and shared more on her training as of late
    • Last week's show featured an assortment of Q&A that were focused on Stacy and Sarah, but a number of questions came in that were paleo lifestyle specific - so this week's show is going to be a paleo 101 type show featuring a hodgepodge of questions
  • Questions and Answers (26:17)
    • Anonymous - how can I add more nutrients to my picky toddler's diet?

      • Stacy suggested to first get your kid involved in the kitchen, empower them to make choices, bring them grocery shopping to select produce of interest to them, have them help with cooking

      • Flip the negatives into empowerment when at the table eating
      • Sarah shared on her experience with Sensory Processing Disorder - professional treatment, how to help at home
    • Anonymous (43:08) - what is typical for weight-loss while on the paleo diet? Should is come off quickly or slowly?
      • Stacy shared on making health the priority when adopting a paleo lifestyle and how your weight will find its healthy point
      • Sarah shared on what happens when you lose weight too quickly
      • Sarah also noted that you don't need to be calorie tracking and shared tips on what factors you can look at when weight-loss stalls - check this post for more
    • Jean (50:39) - what portion sizes should I be eating to lose weight on a paleo plan?
      • Stacy eats until she is satiated
      • Stacy shared strategies on how to identify portions when new to paleo - focus on more vegetables
      • Sarah eats about a six ounce serving of protein at every meal and then she fills her plate with vegetables, mostly non starchy unless she just worked out - and she eats three meals a day
      • Stacy suggests to place emphasis on fat quality over portion sizes
    • Rochelle (55:39) what is your opinion on raw goat and sheep milk products?
      • Stacy asks if you tolerate them - if so then yes they add value to your diet, but if not avoid them
      • For ideas and recipes check out Chris Kresser, the Perfect Health Diet or Russ Crandall
      • Sarah shared the scientific points on dairy
    • Jennifer (1:00:11) what is the difference between lactose versus casein intolerance?
      • Lactose is the sugar in milk and a small percentage of people have the enzyme needed to break that down past childhood
      • A casein sensitivity is more like an allergy where you can have a whole range of symptoms
      • Sarah shared on what you are consuming when eating ghee and butter and what to look for when shopping for these products
      • The difference is sensitivity to the protein versus the sugar
    • Rachel (1:05:21) does eating lots of healthy foods create intolerances?
      • Stacy shared her thoughts on how evolution and food modification have impacted our tolerances - and noted that she doesn't feel there is enough science research on this subject to know for sure
      • Sarah shared on how leaky gut and food intolerances go hand in hand
      • Sarah also shared on the benefit of food cycling, building diversity into your diet and healing your gut
  • Stacy's upcoming competition - feel free to come, check out the details here: Commonwealth Games
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in and for continuing to post those awesome reviews!
  • Outro (1:16:57)
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Our one-hundreth show!

Ep. 100: Questions & Answers

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah celebrate the 100th episode of The Paleo View by answering an array of questions from fans - from biggest kitchen fails, to favorite beauty products, our hosts cover it all!

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 100: Questions & Answers

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Sarah is home and happy to be back in her space
    • Stacy held down the fort in America while Sarah was gone
    • Happy 100th episode show!
    • Stacy is currently carb cycling following Chris Powell's methods, but she is adapting it with paleo practices, she is doing it to lean out and to test what works best for her
    • Stacy will be launching a new podcast, Strongwoman Radio, and she just secured a co-host - a formal announcement will be coming soon with more details
    • Sarah's latest book signings were awesome - Sarah shared on the fun of her travels and the fun she had with Russ and Mickey
    • Sarah is working on signing plans for The Paleo Approach Cookbook
  • Questions and Answers (23:30)
    • Jenny - who is Stacy?

    • Leanne (25:20) - are you still in love with the products mentioned in this episode? What new products are you using these days?
    • Nancy (37:48) - how do you handle dining out with friends and family?
      • Stacy and Sarah have been following a paleo template long enough that their family and friends know how to support their lifestyles
      • When eating out Stacy has learned how to navigate a menu, and Matt and Stacy follow the 80/20 rule with the kids, which helps with flexibility when dining out
      • In the beginning when you are with family try not to make a big deal out of it by calling attention to your eating preferences
      • Sarah prefers not to eat out - she enjoys cooking and doesn't like to risk exposure to dairy and gluten
    • Paleo Granny (41:22) - if you don't feel like cooking after a long day, what do you feed your family? how often do you cheat?
      • When Matt doesn't feel like cooking for the family he makes hot dogs and carrots, and lets the boys chose their toppings
      • Matt also typically keeps soup on hand, so the family has that as an option
      • Sarah and Stacy suggest listening to episode 35 for more ideas
      • Sarah turns to breakfast for dinner when she isn't in the mood to cook
      • Stacy doesn't care for the word cheat, but chooses not to eat from the paleo template two to three times a week - she follows the 80/20 rule and focuses on nutrient density majority of the time
      • Stacy has learned to abstain from sweets so that she doesn't crave them everyday, or selects a low sugar recipe
      • Sarah choses 85% dark chocolate for her treat
      • Sarah doesn't often eat off plan foods
      • Stacy has found that increasing non sugary carbohydrates helps with her sugar cravings
      • Stacy mentioned that they don't strive for paleo perfectionism and try to keep a healthy balance
    • Sarah (52:55) - if you were stranded on a dessert island what foods would you want with you? What five books would you want with you?
      • Stacy would be practical and bring paleo kits, something chocolate, yuca fries, protein smoothies, waffle pancakes or Sarah's pumpkin custard
      • Stacy wouldn't bring books, but a journal instead
      • Sarah would bring lamb chops, celery, tea, dark chocolate and plantain chips
      • For books, Sarah would bring science textbooks and some pads of paper
    • Maxine (59:55) - Sarah, were you born in Canada? What made you move to the U.S.?
      • Yes, Sarah was born in Ontario and grew up outside of British Columbia
      • Sarah shared on where all she went to school
      • Work brought her and her husband to Arizona and jobs kept them here
      • Stacy was born and raised in the DC/Virginia area
    • Rebecca (1:03:25) - what is your biggest paleo cooking fail?
      • For Stacy it was when Matt was fire-balled during a Beyond Bacon photo shoot
      • The second biggest fail for Matt and Stacy was when they made Anytime Cookies from Eat Like a Dinosaur without writing down the recipe during the creation phase
      • Sarah's biggest kitchen fail was when she tried making her first batch of paleo waffles
      • Sarah's second biggest fail came when she was developing a cake recipe for The Paleo Approach Cookbook
    • Donna (1:10:09) - how did you meet your husband?
      • Check out this post on how Matt and Stacy met
      • Sarah and her husband met during their undergrad program in physics and got to know each other entirely through email and the old system for instant messaging
    • Chelsea (1:13:49) - can you share a day in the life schedule example?
      • Stacy says to look at her Instagram account
      • Sarah never stops doing, which is how she stays efficient with her time and she often tries to do two things at once
      • Both Stacy and Sarah also have a team of assistants to help with work
      • Stacy notes that Matt helps her get mostly everything done
    • Holly (1:18:41) - what are your daily healing diets truly like?
      • Stacy reminds folks to check her Instagram account, she shares her eats there frequently and focuses on healthy food every day
      • Stacy also notes that both Sarah and Stacy are very honest with their social media shares and blog posts, and nutrient density is a very high priority for both of them and their families, which is what you see reflected in the information they share
      • Sarah's diet is very very clean every day, and treats are rarely incorporated - the same goes for her family
      • For Sarah's family treats happen maybe once or twice a month, they primarily eat fruit if they want something sweet
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in and for supporting The Paleo View during these last 100 episodes!
  • The Paleo View was ranked within the top five health and wellness podcasts (all of health and wellness on iTunes) so thank you so much for your support and reviews!
  • Stacy and Sarah ended the show with The Lego Movie theme song
  • On Saturday, July 19 there is a free strongman training workshop event and paleo potluck - check out the details here
  • Outro (1:31:38)

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Our ninety-ninth show!

Ep. 99: Madelyn Moon

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Madelyn Moon to discuss health and how the definition of health varies from person to person 

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 99: Madelyn Moon

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Canada is better for Sarah because The Paleo Approach Cookbook is officially printing
    • The book went to print the same day as Sarah's sister-in-law's bridal shower, and from there the wedding festivities were in full force before Sarah's family drove to her mother-in-law's house - the impact of the book being done hasn't yet set in since they have been so busy
    • Sarah's next project is to focus on better work-life balance and to live without deadlines, she also wants to get into horseback riding and connect with nature
    • Next week will be a special show to celebrate the 100th episode where Stacy and Sarah will be answering any question that fans have - submit questions on either social media or through Stacy's or Sarah's comment forms
    • Stacy shared on realizing the importance of work-life balance and how book writing impacted her and Matt's priorities
    • Sarah and Stacy shared on what setting yourself up for success means to them - think about what success means to you
    • Welcome to this week's guest Madelyn Moon (14:33)
      • Her blog is moonfitness.net
      • Her podcast is Mind Body Musings
      • Madelyn is very passionate about helping women with body dysmorphia , disordered eating and the emotional struggles related to food
      • More about Madelyn:
        • Suffered from obsessive dieting and body dysmorphia for as long as she can remember
        • She is an all or nothing person and became obsessed with her body and her weight when she discovered the world of dieting
        • She got involved with body building and became obsessed with building her composition and developing even more rigid rules around food
        • Between her two body building competitions she discovered paleo and didn't quite understand the eating for health aspect just yet, but looked to paleo as a vehicle for weight-loss
        • When she got involved with another fitness competition she realized how unhealthy and unhappy she was and decided to overhaul her life
        • She found a way to develop self-love and to make that her primary focus
    • Sarah reflected on what is actually healthy for most women and how each individual must set their own definition of health
    • Madelyn shared more on her history with modeling, body dysmorphia, diet structure and the impact of feedback from those around you
    • Stacy shared on her struggles to look beyond the numbers on the scale and to base her health on how she feels, performs, lives, etc.
    • Madelyn reflected on fitness competitions and what happens when we look to others when defining our self-worth
    • Sarah hopes that listeners will scrutinize their goals and priorities, and adjust their mindsets when thinking about what is healthy
    • Madelyn wants to stress to the listeners to not be afraid to change, and to listen to your heart and what you need from your life and in your life
  • Don't forget to check out Sarah's upcoming book signing events!
  • Send those questions in for episode 100 of The Paleo View!
  • Special thanks to Madelyn Moon for joining us for this week's show!
  • Outro (53:50)

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Our ninety-eighth show!

Ep. 98: The Bone Broth Show

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah share on the why of their broth love, how to make the perfect broth, and answer a number of broth related questions.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 98: The Bone Broth Show

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Stacy went to her company's work picnic over the weekend and the family had a great time - the family also worked on the final cover for Real Life Paleo, in partnership with The Domestic Man, Paleo Sitter Sam and Virginia is for Hunter-Gathers
    • The new cover for Real Life Paleo showcases the unique content and recipes that readers will find and how this book presents a three phase transitional approach to paleo (swap, remove and heal)
    • Sarah is sort of done with The Paleo Approach Cookbook, she will still need to review final proofs and make final edits before the book goes to print
    • Sarah shared on the final steps of editing, the additions to the book and what it will feel like to officially cross the finish line
    • Check Sarah's site for the July book signing schedule and details - be sure to preorder your book when RSVPing so you are guaranteed a copy
    • Stacy thanked all the supporters of The Paleo View
    • A large number of bone broth related questions have been piling up so this week's show will be all about bone broth
    • Stacy is a huge advocate of bone broth, for some inspiration check #bonebrothheals #soupwithStacy #breakfastsoup
  • Science with Sarah (24:25)
    • One of the reasons we like bone broth is because of the bone health nutrients in it, and the nutrients that are important for bone health are also important for connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, teeth
    • Sarah discussed the beneficial minerals and vitamins that are found in broth
    • There are also essential fatty acids found in broth
    • One of the reasons why bone broth is so great for bone health is because you are dissolving the elements that bones are made of and consuming them in a liquid form
    • In addition to the vitamins and minerals that you are consuming, you are also getting in a great source of collagen
    • Bone broth is considered offal
    • Recipes for bone broth are carefully created to assist in the bone mineralization process, both from a cook time and ingredient list stand point
    • When Sarah is making broth she knows it is ready to cool when the bones crumble in her fingers
    • Lots of people reuse these leftover softened bones
    • Both Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon provide recipes for broth
    • And The Paleo Approach Cookbook will also provide a broth recipe
  • Questions and Answers (35:20)
    • Ingrid - which animal provides the most nutrient dense broth?

      • Stacy knows that animals with joints provide the most collagen
      • Ideal broth should look like jello when cool and make your lips sticky when warm
      • Stacy recommends using feet, necks, ox tails, or knuckle to make broth
      • Sarah explained that fish heads and bones provide quite a bit of nutrients
      • Grass-fed beef and fish will be your best options
      • Sarah shared on the nutrients present in chicken broth and to be sure to skim the fat off the top to minimize your omega-6 intake
      • Stacy and Sarah shared their opinions on chicken intake and how to balance your omega-3 and omega-6 ratios
      • At the end of the day, all broths are good choices and will provide you with a variety of nutrients
    • (45:21) Nicole - should bone broth smell bad while cooking? what are you thoughts on buying broth online?
      • When Matt and Stacy first made broth the smell bothered them, but now Stacy enjoys the smell
      • Stacy suggests making the broth outdoors if you have the option to do so
      • Matt and Stacy have never purchased broth online, but US Wellness Meats, Tropical Traditions and Bare Bones Broth are all great options
      • Stacy also suggests that you check with your local farmers to see if they sell broth
    • (51:20) Janice - how to handle digestive issues from the grease?
      • After skimming the grease off the top, add carbs to the soup
      • Check Stacy's Soup recipe here for details on how Matt adds vegetables to the soup to ease the digestion process for Stacy
    • (53:58) Kayla - is it safe to use the bones from deer? is it safe to consume organ meat from deer?
      • Stacy feels that it is safe to use any and all parts from the deer, just make sure that organs are thoroughly cooked through
      • Sarah shared information on organ meat from wild animals and what to be aware of when preparing offal from herbivores
    • (1:00:04) Gayle - looking for information on marrow
      • Sarah shared on the stem cells in marrow and what they do
      • Marrow is naturally fatty and it is naturally very rich in amino acids not found in muscle meat
      • It is more similar to collagen
      • It is one of the healthiest things you can eat because of the fundamental role it plays in the body
      • There is no badness
      • Stacy shared on how she eats marrow since she doesn't have a gallbladder
  • Stacy's autoimmune condition is greatly impacted in a beneficial way by the consumption of broth, which is why she is such a big advocate of it
  • Both Sarah' and Stacy's sites and books provide a number of recipes that utilize broth outside of soups, so be sure to check those out and to think of broth outside of the mug
  • Thanks everyone! We will be back next week!
  • Outro (1:13:09)
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Our ninety-seventh show!

Ep. 97: What to Bring on Travel

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah discuss how to travel and keep your stricter diet.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 97: What to Bring on Travel

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Our ninety-sixth show!

Ep. 96: Checking-In

On this episode of The Paleo View, our show hosts do a quick check-in to give Sarah some much needed time to wrap up the final pieces of The Paleo Approach Cookbook before sending if off to print.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 96: Checking-In

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Stacy got off the tattoo table right before this show was recorded and shared on her experience, why she always wanted a tattoo on her shoulder and the meaning behind the design she chose
    • Sarah is working very hard to wrap up The Paleo Approach Cookbook to send it off to print
      • Diane Sanfilippo is writing a cover endorsement and came up with a brilliant idea for an extra appendix, so Sarah will be working on that after the podcast
    • Since Sarah is on a tight deadline with the book, this is the extent of the show this week - short, sweet, check-in style
    • Sarah shared on her urge to runaway because of the amount of work left to get done, and she is really looking forward to getting away on vacation after the book goes to print
    • When Stacy and Sarah regroup on next week's show, Sarah will be recording from Canada
    • Stacy congratulated team member and podcast assistant Monica on the pending arrival of her second baby - check out her first, second and third trimester post if you want the scoop on her pregnancy
    • Stacy wished Sarah safe travels and can't wait to connect with her from her motherland
    • Thanks all for listening and for being patient with another check-in show while Sarah is in the thick of book wrap up
    • If you miss Sarah and Stacy be sure to follow them on social media, blogs and newsletters - check the sidebars for the links!
  • Outro (14:58)
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Our ninety-fifth show!

Ep. 95: The Paleo Kitchen

On this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy are joined by Juli Bauer and George Bryant to catch up on life and to chat about their recently released cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 95: The Paleo Kitchen

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Welcome to The Paleo View again Juli Bauer and George Bryant, co-authors of the recently released The Paleo Kitchen

      • George's previous appearances on TPV can be found here: 36, 43, 47
      • Juli's previous appearance on TPV can be found here: 24
    • Stacy and Matt recently turned in Real Life Paleo to the publisher
    • Stacy also got some much needed rest and quality time in the gym
    • Sarah took a rest from the gym
    • Juli shared on life with Jackson, her adorable pup
    • George has been amazing and is in the midst of a big move
    • The group talked about overhead squats
    • The Paleo Kitchen (9:24)
      • George and Juli met three years ago because their blogs were created around the same time and they had similar sites with similar recipes
      • They kept in touch for a year or so before meeting at Paleo f(x) 2013
      • Juli was looking to write another book with a different publisher and George was looking to write his first book
      • After doing a cooking demo together at Paleo f(x) they came up with the idea to do a cookbook together
      • Juli would fly out to California and stay with George, they would work on recipe development, George would take pictures, and they eventually fell into a routine with creating their cookbook
      • They were never in a relationship, and have always been more like brother and sister to each other
      • Stacy asked George and Juli what their favorite and least-favorite recipes were from the book creation process (14:25)
        • Their favorite was the four layer beef and bacon casserole
        • The cinnamon rolls were the most challenging for George to create
        • The fluffy blueberry pancakes were one of George's other favorites
        • Juli echos her love for the casserole
        • And her least favorite recipes were the ones that didn't make the cut for the book
      • Sarah asked if all the recipes were developed together (17:54)
        • 1/3 together, 1/3 Juli on her own and 1/3 George on his own
        • Both Juli and George shared about the creative process and how they inspired each other through the recipe creation process
      • Stacy asked how it has been seeing each other less frequently after the book was completed and if they are both looking forward to coming back together for the book tour (20:33)
        • George shared on what a humbling experience it was to connect with such a great individual for this project
    • The Paleo Approach Cookbook goes to print in less than two weeks
    • The group chatted about arepas
    • The group also chatted about Paleo f(x) that is planned for this fall in Denver
    • Stacy and Sarah had a technology tangent moment....hand written notes were also discussed
    • Stacy asked George and Juli what they are doing next (34:25)
      • Heading out on a book tour - starting in Colorado, then going to Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and then New York
      • They will have a little break after the first leg of the tour, but will then plan a second leg of the trip later this summer
    • The group discussed accents
    • George asked Stacy and Sarah what their favorite part of The Paleo Kitchen is (41:40)
      • Stacy's favorite part was when their copy came in the mail and Wesley got so excited to see Uncle George on the cover
      • Matt and Stacy then made the waffles recipe and served them with chicken
      • Sarah's favorite thing about The Paleo Kitchen is the photography
    • The group talked about other food favorites and making your own nut milks
    • Stacy asked George and Juli what they plan to work on next (53:05)
      • Juli said that they are focusing on the summer tour, but that is really it for now
    • Stacy asked for the book secrets (55:01)
      • There is one photo in the book that neither Bill or George took
    • Stacy shared about the blog that everyone should check out, Predominantly Paleo
    • Juli shared about a site that hates on those who are friends within the paleo community
  • Stacy wished both Juli and George congratulations on everything
  • Sarah shared on her experience with a hero WOD
  • Thank you again for coming on the show Juli and George
  • We will be back again next week!
  • Outro (1:07:15)

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Our ninety-fourth show!

Ep. 94: Almost There, We Swear

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy check in on their progress on their books and at the gym.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 94: Almost There, We Swear

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Yes, due to finishing both The Paleo Approach Cookbook and Real Life Paleo, we have to do another check in show.
    • For those that complain about these kind of non-content shows, we at the Paleo View have released shows for 94 straight Fridays, which is a rarity in podcasting. We feel very committed to giving our fans something to listen to every week, even if it's just 20 minutes of us talking about our week.
    • To follow our workout exploits and celebrate with us when we hit personal records, Stacy's and Sarah's Instagrams are the places to be!
    • Next Week! George Bryant from Civilized Caveman and Juli Bauer of PaleOMG, authors of The Paleo Kitchen!
    • Supplement Stacy is taking: Maca Root Powder
  • Outro (19:07)
Listen Now:

Our ninety-third show!

Ep. 93, Stephanie Gaudreau

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy are joined by Stephanie Gaudreau, blogger at Stupid Easy Paleo and author of The Paleo Athlete, to discuss all things lifting, with special emphasis on how to fuel for individual performance goals.

The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 93, Stephanie Gaudreau

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:47 - News & Views
    • Welcome everyone! This week we have a very special guest, Stephanie Gaudreau, joining us to chat about fitness, eating to perform, and overall health and wellness

      • Blogger at Stupid Easy Paleo
      • Author of The Paleo Athlete
      • In January 2015 she will also be releasing a performance paleo cookbook
      • Stacy has a girl crush on Stephanie and Sarah notes that Stephanie has amazing muscles
    • While Stacy and Sarah wrap up their books, The Paleo View will be free form, chatty style
    • Stacy shared on her latest and greatest PRs
    • Sarah shared on her love for Crossfit and her process for finding her base PRs - she is loving everything about it and feels like she is getting what she needs on a physical and mental level, it is so enjoyable
    • The group chatted about the Crossfit workout Murph
    • Stephanie shared a bit on her holiday weekend, attending Crossfit regionals and what her training focus is these days
    • Stacy stopped by Crossfit regionals and got fired up to lift, which made it a lifting weekend
    • Stacy congratulated all the athletes who competed over the weekend
  • (20:21) More On Stephanie
    • Last year Stephanie competed at regionals, and she had completed three years of Crossfit training prior to that
    • She was an athlete her whole life and in her early 20's got into mountain bike racing
    • At the beginning she partnered Crossfit with her mountain bike racing, but she eventually identified that she was great at the strength part of Crossfit, not necessarily the gymnastics
    • Olympic weightlifting became her sweet spot
    • Last year she left her teaching job to work on Stupid Easy Paleo full-time
    • While she had a wonderful experience competing, she decided to minimize her training while she focused on building her site, she found a way to maintain training, but to limit the stress it created
    • She is back in training mode these days and setting PRs, bench-marking where her improvements are at these days with a more balanced approach
    • She just got married and is getting set up in a new house, while also working on the new cookbook
    • Finding balance is her primary focus
  • (26:00) Listening to Your Body
    • Stacy talked about the importance of listening to your body and taking note of the stressors in your life when looking at how and when to incorporate heavy lifting into your life
    • Stacy shared on how she is focusing on better recovery these days and how her first ice bath went
  • (32:38) Stephanie's Passion
    • Stephanie is on a mission to help people understand that you can fuel yourself primarily with real foods and still have high quality athletic performance
    • The idea that you can't PR on paleo is false, and remember that paleo means so many different things
    • People can fuel for their sport with real foods and supplement with items are still under the real food umbrella, while still feeling good before, during and after training
    • The super low carb or no carb approach does not work for everyone and you don't need to be an elite athlete to require carbs in your diet
    • Stephanie is passionate about helping people understand what they can accomplish through nutrition, and to inspire people to take a look at their diet when they are trying to optimize their performance
    • Stacy reflected on real food supporting fitness and performance goals
    • Stephanie talked about identifying your training goals and how you partner your fueling approach with those goals
  • (41:26) Stephanie's Top Three Tips for Applying the Real Food Mentality to Health and Performance
    • Manage your carbohydrate intake appropriately - make sure you are supporting your system's demands properly
    • Make sure that you are not chronically hyper-caloric
    • Make sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables - paleo is not Atkins, get enough colors of the rainbows and focus on those micronutrients in the form of food
    • Your training is not just what you eat, it also comes down to balance, sleep, and nourishing practices
    • Stephanie also touched on self experimentation and dialing in to find your personal optimal diet
  • (52:26) Top 5 to 10 Fiber and Starchy Rich Vegetables for Active People
    • Fiber - artichoke, celery, collards, cabbage, broccoli
    • Starches - plantains, parsnips, lotus root, taro root, sweet potato, winter squash, yuca, peeled white potatoes, white rice
    • The group chatted about other foods and not evaluating food with a strict paleo label all the time
    • Stacy commented on variations within paleo and the importance of finding what works for you
  • (1:04:18) Wrap Up
    • Stephanie encourages people to check out weight training in some capacity that will benefit your body
    • Stacy talked about the importance of finding a facility you click with, one with coaches who can help with your unique health history and goals
    • Stephanie shared on how to get started with lifting when you need to avoid high intensity training
    • Sarah shared her feedback on finding an exercise balance and regimen that supports AIP healing
    • Thank you again so much Stephanie for joining this week's show!
    • You will be able to find Stephanie, Sarah and Stacy at AHS this summer
    • Don't forget to check out Stephanie's site, Stupid Easy Paleo, Stacy personally recommends her Strawberry Lemonade Gummies
    • Check out The Paleo Athlete as well
    • Watch Sarah's event page for summer book signing details
  • 1:15:47 - Outro

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